These Terms and Conditions are for the use of our, (DBA, Utility Advertising) business services and the use of https://www.utilityadvertising.com.



The terms “we”, “us” or “our” shall refer to Utility Advertising.  The terms “you”, “your”, “User” or “customer” shall refer to any individual or entity who accepts this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits.


"Third-party" means any person who's products or services Utility Advertising uses who are not employed by us.


Use of Site or Service: By using our site to gather information about our business the user is agreeing to the terms and conditions of our company.



Utility Advertising is aiming to be the best agency for start-up entrepreneurs because we believe that being loyal, open and honest is the best way to build a brand. We are not lawyers sitting around producing advertisements.

However, making sure we come to an agreement that is reflective and fair is first and foremost in our business dealings. We will do everything in our power to protect client information with agreed upon contracts that ensure a healthy business relationships. We will not mis-lead the general public with our advertisements, we will not be a party to lying about promotions or offers. For clarification of services or any other policies in person meetings must be set. See, ("The Process")-for further information. We advertising does not discriminate based on race, national origin, age, sex, disability, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, arrest/Court criminal cases. We do maintain our right to refuse business based on affiliations deemed harmful to our brand(s) or client relationships, inability to come to agreement in written contract or at the discretion of Utility Advertising. All marketing deliverables created by Utility Advertising are the property of Utility Advertising and specified clients, underwritten by contract. Utility Advertising is indemnified from all liability in every  aspect including products and services produced by clients.



Utility Advertising and our third-party(s) use cookies and other technologies to track usage including, but not limited to location data, browsing, search, demographics and psycographic data. These technologies enable content to be used, aggregate analytical data, fine-tune our services to improve the user experience with Utility Advertising. Other technologies include, but are not limited to social media platforms linked in-order to engage in building relationships with our community.



We take security seriously and have taken steps to further browser safety. Any attempt(s) to make changes to this site by hacking is strictly forbidden (if you believe that our site has been compromised please let us know at utilityadvertising.com). No photos can be taken from Utility Advertising in an attempt to defame the brand or for monetary use (photo credits are provided for photographs taken from fair use sites unless a license is purchased, because we believe their skills deserve exposer and would like to encourage). Attempts to commit fraud by using any of the content on this site be it false links will be met with the full force of free press and could result in legal action. Links to Utility Advertising are acceptable as long as there is no mis-representation of clients or services.



Budget is agreed upon in contract and payment is made up-front in person. Payments are never made over the phone, unless we have met the payment maker in person previously. Utility Advertising accepts major U.S. credit cards, checks, and cash. Purchases over 10K may be subject to additional filing with form 8300 with the IRS. Utility Advertising maintains indemnification for actions agreed on in the contract including, but not limited to payment unless waived by us.


Agency's credit is established on a client-by-client basis.


Unless otherwise set forth by Utility Advertising Media Company and Third Parties agree to hold agency liable for payments solely to the extent proceeds have cleared from client or third-party.



Agency will report key performance indicators (KPI) in reports specified in strategic meetings. (KPI)'s may be different on a client to client basis.


Utility Advertising makes no representations or warranties about third party services or software provided by liability for damages of using our site as we are not intentionally causing harm. We wave all liabilities from social media use and you are responsible for agreeing to policies on varied social-media platforms.


Utility Advertising makes no claims that will guarantee an increase in revenue, or traffic to websites and/or social media plate-forms etc. We may use words like "potentially", "could" , "might" , "possibly" to illustrate our goal to generating revenue. Some campaigns are commission based with a general fee upfront. We operate our agency in good faith that we will do right by our clients and are subject to honest reviews and public opinion from individuals that work with us.


Subcontractors and third parties:

At times it may be necessary for Utility Advertising to outsource tasks, skills, and materials to subcontractors, companies and additional third-parties. Subcontractors are free to negotiate contracts with Utility Advertising. To remain professional relationships Utility Advertising will be the liaison between its client and subcontractors and some third parties. Third parties may be subject none discloser agreements (NDA)'s to protect client information and business agreements. Subcontractors must not negotiate deals with past or present clients under contract unless noted in work agreement signed by Utility Advertising and third party. Subcontractors are responsible for filing and for paying their own taxes in accordance with federal and local state regulations. Utility Advertising is very selective about who they source for work. A subcontractor is a not position of employment with in Utility Advertising. Utility Advertising is indemnified from all liability in every aspect, including products and services produced by third parties.



This site is the property of Utility Advertising. Be a good person. Think about the nicest person you know. Now think about their grandmother. We are setting the highest standard of advertising that we can think of. If you have any questions about our morals, ethics or values we would be happy to sit and chat over a cup of delicious coffee.



For Questions or Information

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