We believe in the pursuit of happieness, like our fore-fathers talked about when forming the United States of America.

The Mission

Our mission is what drives us to:
Develop your purpose, plan it, and produce it. We do this by implementing responsive research paired with our exclusive creative strategic development process. We would rather empower the entrepreneurial spirit than our ego. So, if there is a project that needs be executed with perfection we’ll plan it and collabrate with the best for your budget and execute.

Connect to develop your purpose, plan it, and produce it.

The < 27K rule

We Grow From The Struggles. Imagine a going a gym and exercising every-day for and hour for over 27,000 years. Impossible right? But if you worked at understanding the complexties of communication for over 13 years for atleast 40 hours-a-week, well that's what we do. We have over 27,000 hours of intrinsicly focused practice. Developing a brand is an ongoing process here at Utility Advertising. Sure we started as a wide-eyed opened college graduate looking to in hopes of finding our dream job in digital marketing agencey but God had a different plans. Everyday is and opportunity to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished not just digitally but across the spectrum that is communication.

The James Bio

Hello, I'm James Swanson growing up in Colorado I naturally loved the outdoors. I love fishing, camping, running, and exploring all colorado has to offer.

I grew up in the family carpet cleaning business. Swanson Pro Clean is going on 39 years. Maybe I caught the entrepreneurial bug from him.

Starting an agency all by myself was a large undertaking. In the future I will be looking into branching out into a unique field - which I have studied for a very long time currently.
Clue: It has to do with my the process and my personal DIY fuel.

The Thing About Coffee

I James Swanson have been roasting small batch coffee for around 12 years. I use to barista at a 24-hour Starbucks, I even met my wife by making her a decent cup. I grow coffee trees. The whole grind.

I say all this because eventually I will open a coffee shop that provides truly a different experience from everything else. So if you'd like to try a different cup hit me up on the contact page.

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