We are constructing a digital artifact.

One of the best ways to leave your mark on the World is to share what you do. I was first introduced to the term bricolage(lang. french, meaning: to tinker) while studying visual communication at the University of Colorado Denver, yet I had been doing it my entire life. Making do is the art of being resourceful. Using what you have to complete a task, make art, and create something new. Humans have been doing this forever with mud huts, hunting sticks, and prehistoric emojis.

So what do we make do with? Communication, technology, some hardware, experience and skills acquired over time. However, than there is You. You are a maker a “specialist”. You offer a set of skills that in connection with the right people can accomplish amazing feats of glory.

Communication seems like a very broad term. But when you pair it with constant practice and application of bricolage you begin to understand the impact that making do with what you have and how it can impact society, culture and the world.

Whether its written in a blog format or visual like video format this forum is where we will start to share “it”.

On this platform I hope to share a variety of content, Ideas, art and inspiration; that will hopefully propel good business forward, increase innovation, create a brighter future for as many people as possible.

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